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How about a stylish office or home lift or just a basic wheelchair platform

We can supply any design to suit your wish list


From one lift to several within a group for that multiple office

Add smart learning logic that can have a lift at a certain floor for peak traffic times




Recent Works

A five stop passenger lift in an appartment block - travel speed at 1m/sec - one of our latest hi-tech elevators with an electronic brain controlling all the operations
One of our popular Silens Pro units, reliable and energy efficient.

Our 100/200kg Commercial Service Lift (Dumb Waiter) has been a popular and reliable product for bars and restaurants for inter floor movement of food and many items related to the industry.
Safe travel for food and drinks without the worry of walking up/down stairs with hot food, etc

The installation of public/personal wheelchair platforms with operational safety at the front of all our installations
Models range from a simple unit rising 2400mm up to 6000m travel, open platform or with enclosed cabins and all outdoor suitable

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The Key Features of our Services across all Companies


24/7 support across all our products and services - includes auto alert to service staff and clients

Product Documentation

All our products are fully documented - includes installation/service and client operating instructions


All products are well designed and backed by years of production and ongoing improvements - pre-tested at the factory before shipping/installation.

Info Security

All our lift monitoring applications are secured along with clients details, data and reports


Featured below is some of our installed products.

  • Three stop elevator in Senior Living Appartment unit - suitable for wheelchair transport - speed of 1m/s

    Senior Living

    A three stop high speed elevator with wheelchair access designed to accommodate senior people

  • A two stop home elevator

    Home Lift

    A simple two stop home elevator - hydraulic operation - medium speed - top reliabilty

  • Commercial Dumb Waiter - 100/200kg.

    Dumb Waiter

    Commercial range of our Dumb Waiters from 100 to 200kg of sizes and number of stops to suit client requirements.

  • Wheelchair Platforms

    Wheelchair Platform

    Our Wheelchair Platform come in all sizes and lifting range is from 1200mm to 6000mm.

  • Commercial Goods Lift.

    Goods Lift

    Our Goods Lifts range from 1000-4000kg, with or without a attendant, manual/automatic doors.

  • Our lift and lift telephone monitoring.

    Monitoring Services

    24/7 monitoring of lifts and lift emergency telephones. Direct fault messaging to service people and/or clients

What people say

David - The Good Home

Had a 200kg Dumb Waiter installed to service the upper bar with food and lots more - turned it on and has never faulted since - saves a lot of up and down the stairs.

Bob - Home Lift

Had a home lift installed from the basement to a upper deck - saves me from lugging shopping upstairs and taking down the weekly rubbish - fits a wheelchair when the day comes - it was worth it.

Senior Living Appartments

What a difference it made when we had our old hydrualic lift replaced with a new lift - when the doors close on the ground floor and you say 'good day' to others in the lift the doors open and we are already at the third floor - I did not realise we have actually moved and here we were at the top floor.

John - Five level Apartment

Got rid of the old 1960 rattlely lift with a 1m/s new lift - a smooth, fast ride - nice interior - complete with arrival announcement and a nice voice advising us of 'door opening', etc - really improved the value of the appartments.


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